Aeration technology

Save energy costs for the oxygen transfer

At approx. 70%, the main energy consumer of all waste water treatment plants is the waste water aeration for transferring oxygen for nitrification. The oxygen is required by the microorganisms whose metabolism cleans the waste water from organic impurities and nitrogen compounds. In order to provide oxygen in sufficient quantities, compressed air is fed into the activated sludge tanks in the form of fine bubbles via an aeration system.

The more effectively the oxygen which is contained in the compressed air is transferred to the waste water and then dissolved and distributed, the less compressed air and energy are required for this process. The fine-bubble aeration technology by Supratec is specially designed to ensure energetically beneficial loading using relatively little compressed air.

Efficient aeration with Supratec diffusers lowers the energy costs and is also possible for all waste water treatment plants, both during the new plant installation and for retrofitting on existing grids using various installation options.