We bring Power into your wastewater: Efficient aeration made by Supratec.

Aeration systems

Supratec diffusers are suitable for installation in new waste water treatment plants and for retrofitting existing plants, with savings up to 50% of energy! Supratec offers the perfect diffuser type for all requirements.

MBR Filter Technology

Together with our Supratec partners we provide the most reliable MBR filtration units. With our propetriary PVDF membrane we deliver both flat sheet and hollow fiber MBR units. The modular design of our cassettes ensure that there are solution for each requirements.

Energy saving

Fine-bubble aeration technology by Supratec is specially designed for the energetic optimisation of waste water treatment plants, i.e. for achieving maximum transfer rates at a low counter-pressure.

Contact us

You can rely on our more than 45 years of experience with aeration technology. Please contact us for information. We will be pleased to give you a non-binding consultation and look forward to meeting you!