Plate Diffuser

OXYFLEX® MF1100 Membrane Plate Diffuser

With the OXYFLEX® MF1100 membrane plate diffuser, a membrane is fixed on a carrier made of fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene. Depending on the model and area of application the membrane is made of EPDM or polyurethane and completely surrounds the carrier plate. The two-part frame, which is also made of polypropylene, is pushed over the membrane and reliably seals the system.

OXYFLEX® MF650 Membrane Plate Diffuser

The OXYFLEX® Membrane Plate Diffuser is a highly efficient aeration element which is predominantly used for the oxygen supply of biological waste water treatment plants. The OXYFLEX® Membrane Plate Diffuser is suitable for installation on stainless steel pipes and plastic pipes and, due to its various fixing options, can be used easily for all existing and new plants.


The variable 2.0-m² polyurethane plate diffuser is available in different module lengths. Each module can be blocked individually via its own air line. The membrane surface can be variably extended. The modules are also available in an EPDM version.