Acid Dosing Station

A large share of the energy costs of a waste water treatment plant is due to the compressed air generation for the tanks' aeration system. In the event that there are limescale deposits in the diffusers which are fitted with EPDM membranes, we recommend that you regularly add 85% formic acid to the compressed air. Especially for industrial plants with large volumes of limescale-containing waste water, for example dairies, such treatment has proved to be absolutely essential.

It will ensure that any limescale is removed, the pressure loss of the aeration system is reduced and the operational safety of the diffusers is increased.

However, the success of this measure will depend of various factors and must be checked on site. The acid resistance of the acid-contacting parts of the plant must be checked!

For this purpose, Supratec offers a mobile dosing station for perfectly dosed cleaning. The operational dosing station can be put into intermediate storage and moved to the dosing point on the compressed air line when required.

In order to ensure the operational safety on site, the system pressure for comparable operating states (air volume, water level) must be logged continuously.

Acetic Acid Dosing Stationdownload (PDF, 0.86 MB)
Formic Acid Dosing Stationdownload (PDF, 0.85 MB)

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