MicroClear Flat Sheet

MicroClear has been delivering high-quality MBR system globally since more than 20 years. MicroClear features a very modular configuration, ranging from 8m² module to completely assembled 800m² cassette.

MCXL2 Filter Module

MCXL2 filter module is the core of MicroClear system. Because of its modularity, MCXL2 filter module can be used in single filter system or stacked in a housing to create a cassette with up to 100 filter modules. Each module can treat up to 5 m³/day.

Every module has 8 m² of membrane area. The PVDF ultrafiltration membrane is made in Germany with the highest standard. The membrane is welded onto the PP plates and subsequently assembled to a robust module.

How it works

MB Series Filter Cassette

Multiple sizes of cassette can be realized due to the modularity of the MCXL2 filter module. The cassette is completely assembled with modules, stainless steel housing, permeate piping, and the well-known OXYFLEX oval tube diffusers. The oval tube diffuser with EPDM membrane is tailor made for MicroClear application, ensuring the right bubble size and optimum air flow for the air scouring.The filter cassette is available in wide range of sizes, from 32m² to 800m² membrane area.

MB series is suitable for various application, from small treatment plants of river cruise wastewater to heavy industrial wastewater in industrial park.

Complete selection of cassette and more information

Beschreibung Datei
MB2-x Data sheet download (PDF, 3.67 MB)
MB3-x Data Sheet download (PDF, 2.53 MB)
MB4-x Data Sheet download (PDF, 2.86 MB)
MCXL2 Data sheet download (PDF, 0.70 MB)