Small pressure loss and a long service life due to a flat degassing surface

Due to its flat membrane surface which degasses upwards, the OXYFLEX OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffuser is characterised by high efficiency and a stable and small pressure loss. As a result, its service life is significantly longer compared with that of a common tube diffuser.


The base construction is an oval plastic pipe. The membrane is pulled onto this pipe and fixed to the ends of the diffuser using stainless steel clamps. The entire body can be flooded. An additional non-return valve made of plastic in the body is available as an option.

Different design lengths for each tank size

The OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffusers are manufactured in three standard sizes:

  • OXYFLEX® OM 1.0 (active membrane surface 0.12 m²)
  • OXYFLEX® OM 1.5 (active membrane surface 0.18 m²)
  • OXYFLEX® OM 2.0 (active membrane surface 0.24 m²)

However, we will manufacture the length of the OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffuser according to your requirements. 

High efficiency and operational safety

The OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffusers can be operated intermittently.

The OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffuser can be adjusted to project-specific requirements as a fine-bubble or coarse-bubble diffuser. OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffusers have a proven track record in municipal and industrial plants worldwide.

The control range is between 0 and 20 Nm³/h per metre depending on the selected efficiency. Specific oxygen transfer rates in pure water of more than 25 g O2/Nm³ x m can be achieved for the flat layout and correct water depths.

Can be used with 99% of existing pipes

The OXYFLEX® OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffusers are suitable for installation on plastic pipes and stainless steel pipes. There is a suitable fixing option available for almost all existing pipes.

General Informationdownload (PDF, 1.20 MB)
Installation Manualdownload (PDF, 0.45 MB)