In the standard version, the OXYFLEX® MF 2.0 Plate Diffuser with a plasticiser-free thermoplastic polyurethane membrane (TPU) has an active membrane surface of 2.0 m². It consists of a unit of 10 individual diffuser elements which are evenly assembled on a 60x30 mm rectangular stainless steel pipe. The air line (including ball valve) is also fitted to this unit as a stainless steel pipe with a nominal width of 1¼“ / DN 32. As an alternative, the connection can be made using a flexible PE tube.

The OXYFLEX® MF 2.0 has a variable minimum length of 3.0 m and a width of 1.1 m. In order to achieve the optimum tank floor coverage, the length of 3.0 m can be individually adjusted to each tank shape. The recommended operating range is from 5 to 40 Nm³ per hour. If the assembly is made straight to the tank floor, the minimum height of the diffuser's top edge can be reduced to approx. 5.5 cm.

The module is variably adjustable with regard to length and membrane surface so that the ideal distribution is achieved for each plant.

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