Aeration Systems

Plate Diffuser

The OXYFLEX® Membrane Plate Diffuser consists of a flat, heavily ribbed and fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene base plate. The diffuser membrane is secured to the base plate with a two-part frame made of fibreglass-reinforced polypropylene. The high-quality injection-moulded membranes are available in EPDM or TPU. Due to its self-sealing membrane, the membrane plate diffuser is suitable for intermittent operation.

Disc Diffuser

OXYFLEX® MT Membrane Disc Diffuser

Tube Diffuser

OXYFLEX® - MS Membrane Tube Diffuser, OXYFLEX® - OM & PERMOX® - OM Oval Membrane Tube Diffuser, PERMOX® R, PERMOX® CB

Liftable Grids

Liftable grid design for the aeration of activated sludge tanks