Supratec Hollow Fiber

The H-Series MBR features the most advanced hollow fiber PVDF membrane.
The membrane stands itself with its remarkable tensile strenght and high porosity                                                             

                                                              Supratec H-Series Module

Supratec H-Series module is available in 3 heights: 1 m, 1.5 m, and 2.0 m. The modules can be assembled together to build hollow fiber cassettes. The German made membrane ensures the highest quality membrane with high porosity and narrow pore size distribution. The ultrafiltration PVDF hollow fiber membrane (nominal pore size of 0.03 µm) and its PET support layer is very robust with tensile strength of more than 600 N.

Supratec H-Series

The cassette is assembled from number of modules, which can be adjusted to the project requirements. H-series module is build in a robust housing, ensuring that all parts do not vibrate vigorously which can cause material wear. The sophisticated siphon diffuser makes the cassette to be one of the most energy efficient hollow fiber cassette in the market.

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