Liftable Grids

Liftable grid design

for the aeration of activated sludge tanks

General Information

General details In addition to our broad range of diffusers, liftable grids by Supratec ensure the extremely safe operation of your plant as well as making the plant very easy to handle. Liftable grids are an advantage in situations where the plant operation must not be interrupted due to maintenance work or where the tank cannot be emptied.

Liftable grids by Supratec are available in many common dimensions and can be used for almost all tank geometries. The optimum lifting system can be chosen plant-specifically from different grid versions and implemented for individual designs. Both single grids and multiple grids can be installed and give you a significantly greater flexibility for your aeration requirements.


The grid designs are suspended in fixed guide rails above the water level and then lowered into the tank using a truck-mounted crane with a cross arm.  Special designs allow the implementation of a system for lifting the grid without the need for a truck-mounted crane. The design is correctly positioned on the tank bottom with the help of fixed Y-stands whose centring mechanism guarantees the safe positioning even if the grid is lowered at a slight offset. The stands also absorb any lateral forces in the event that mixers are used. Any buoyancy of the design is counteracted by means of weights or by locking the grids. In this way, the safe position of the grid is guaranteed for all operating conditions.

In order to carry out cleaning or maintenance work, the aeration system can be lifted out of the tank in a very short period of time so that easy access to the aeration system outside the tank is ensured.

Benefits of the liftable grid

  • Very safe to operate
  • Easy to handle
  • High plant flexibility
  • Available in many common dimensions
  • Easy access to the aeration system outside the tank
  • Can be adapted to almost all tank geometries
  • Safe position of the grid for all operating conditions
  • Maintenance and repair work is possible without the need to empty the tank
  • Can be installed as a single grid or a multiple grid

Please contact us for more information about a liftable grid for your plant! We are a competent partner for highly efficient aeration systems and will be pleased to offer you our comprehensive service and expert advice!

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