Installation and Retrofitting

Supratec diffusers for all waste water treatment plants

Supratec diffusers are suitable both for the installation of new waste water treatment plants and for retrofitting existing plants. For example, when conventional pipe and tube diffusers are replaced by the OXYFLEX® MF1100 Membrane Plate Diffuser, average energy and cost savings of 30% are achieved. The investment for procurement and retrofitting will have paid for itself after a short time.

Installation and retrofitting with Supratec diffusers

Just as important as the aeration elements themselves is a well-dimensioned pipe installation which is optimised with regard to the subsequent placement of the diffusers.  The compressed air is transported to the tank bottom in downpipes where it is routed to the diffusers via main and side distribution pipes.

All pipe supports are height-adjustable to ensure that the pipe system can be levelled with a laser device before the diffusers are installed. The maximum permissible height tolerance is ± 10 mm. Supratec diffusers can be installed close to the bottom (minimum installation height 5.5 cm for an even tank bottom) as well as up to an installation height of 40 cm. (Greater installation heights are also possible.)

The distances between the aeration grids and the diffusers vary depending on the diffuser type and required efficiency.

Due to the various assembly options, Supratec diffusers can be installed on almost all existing pipes. For a new plant installation, the optimum pipe system and suitable fixing option can be determined specifically for each plant. For further information please refer to the assembly instructions for the respective diffuser type (available for download on the respective product page).