Variable diffuser lengths

Normally, the OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffuser is installed in pairs and is available in three standard sizes:

  • OXYFLEX® MS96 -1.0 (comprising 2x MS70-500 mm, Ø 90 mm)
  • OXYFLEX® MS96 -1.5 (comprising 2x MS70-750 mm, Ø 90 mm)
  • OXYFLEX® MS96 -2.0 (comprising 2x MS70-1000 mm, Ø 90 mm)

Other lengths are available on request.

The body is a polypropylene tube. The membrane is pulled onto this tube and fastened with a 1-ear clip. The membrane is delivered in EPDM as standard. The standard slot pattern is optimized to achieve fine-bubble aeration with maximum oxygen transfer efficiency.

Low-maintenance operation - installation on different tube materials

In general, OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffusers can be operated intermittently.

Due to the various assembly options, OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffusers are suitable for installation on both stainless steel pipes and plastic pipes.

OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffusers have a proven track record in municipal and industrial plants worldwide.

Operating range from 0 to 20 Nm³/h per running metre of diffuser length

The design specific load should be 2 to 12 Nm³/h per running metre.

OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffusers can reach a specific standard oxygen transfer efficiency up to and in excess of 27 gO2/(Nm³ x m) in cleanwater for the flat layout and correct water depths.

In virtue of the larger diameter compared to standard tube diffusers like the OXYFLEX® MS70, the OXYFLEX® MS96 is able to supply a higher amount of airflow rate.

OXYFLEX® MS96 Membrane Tube Diffusers are also available as coarse-bubble diffusers on request.

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