A more efficient aeration will always pay off and can be realised by Supratec Gesellschaft für Umwelt- und Verfahrenstechnik mbH for your waste water treatment plant. For example, Supratec has been able to demonstrate energy cost savings of Euro 800,000 in the first year after installation in the waste water treatment plant in Cologne Stammheim, Germany.

In the waste water treatment plant in Kiel-Bülk, Germany, which was built in 1999, Supratec replaced 8,100 old tube diffusers on the existing pipes by 5,400 new OXYFLEX® MF 1100 diffusers in 2005. The greater degassing surface and the reduced pressure loss led to increased efficiency. After only one year, the plant operator reported a 40% energy reduction. The extra costs for the installation of the plate diffusers – as compared to a replacement of the used tube diffuser membranes – paid for themselves in less than two years.